Professional Options Trading Training

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Charles Cottle, “The RiskDoctor”

The RiskDoctor is the Professional that the Professionals learn from. His teaching methods begin where the others leave off. Charles Cottle teaches you to think like a market-maker, and makes NO empty promises of “The Holy Grail” trading styles like some other trainers have been known to do.

Charles Cottle is an Author, Lecturer, Teacher, Floor Trader, Financial Software Developer, Consultant, and Co-founder of thinkorswim, the best and perhaps the largest online Options Brokerage in the world. The RiskDoctor, has made a career disseminating information for Real World Options Trading.

This diverse background, and Three decades of experience, in the industry has brought Charles Cottle to the Internet, where everyone can benefit from his vast knowledge and experience. Now, from your computer, you can join the RiskDoctor with his popular Books, Software Trading Tools, Webinars, and Live Coaching on the web site, and receive the superior financial information that he shares on Options Trading.

“Soon after I began trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1981, my mission has been to deliver the best options education and knowledge to my own Professional traders and later to Retail Traders alike.”   (Click HERE to see Charles Cottle’s BIO and Three Decades of Options Industry Experience.)

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