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Charles Cottle, Risk Doctor ...

Author, Lecturer, Teacher, Consultant, Floor Trader, Financial Software Developer, 32 Years Options Trading, Options Teaching Strategies.

Options The Right Way ...

While other sites teach you rigid trading methods that might (or might not) work some of the time, my goal is to give you a thorough understanding of proper Options Trading Strategies

If I Had Only Known Sooner ...

The Risk Doctor’s Options Trading education is Head and Shoulders above the Rest”, and the Risk Doctor picks up where the other educators leave off.


We are great at mathematics but lack your kind of expertise and we are trying to merge both for an automated Market Maker platform acting in milliseconds and exposing OTC options in a new type of electronic market place.

We have everything related to our work finished after 9 years of research and development and are left with some bits and pieces.

Your knowledge is absolutely the best I have ever come in touch with related to options and especially its hidden realities.

Dejan Shabacker | Chief Quantitative Analyst - Stock Robotics AB SWEDEN

‘Since I have been a derivatives trader, there is no one who has given me as many ideas about trading concepts as the author of Options: Perception and Deception.

Besides teaching me new ways to scrutinize positions and their risk profiles, Charles Cottle taught me how to learn from the markets.

This book provides the reader with deep insights into options trading. It is exciting, inspiring, and far from being dry.’

Olaf Pilz| West Deutsche Landesbank, Dusseldorf

Charles explains strategies and risk in ways that most traders today have never imagined. If you’re managing an options position by deltas, gammas, vegas, and thetas alone, Charles shows that imperfections in the models hide certain risks.

A trader must understand his or her position beyond the popular measures of risk’

Thomas R Preston| ThinkorSwim.com

Risk Illustrator, Options Trading Training, by Ri$k Doctor

How Can You Win at the Options Trading Game Without a Complete Options Trading Education? ...


Risk Illustrator

  Risk Illustrator™ : for Excel requires Microsoft Excel 2007.

Risk Illustrator takes stock options risk management and position dissection to the next level. Expose more of the hidden reality within any options trading position. The new functionality provides a quantum leap toward a critical options consciousness and increased awareness of your exposure and opportunities.

The new version of RiskIllustrator builds upon the macros created in the prior versions to enable more transparent Dissection. What many Options Brokerage Firms’ Trading Platforms are missing today, the RiskDoctor Delivers Now, using Excel 2007 for PCs. You must have Excel 2007 for PC or later. RiskIllustrator is not currently supported for MAC users.

  RiskIllustrator gives you the power to:

  Dissect out Butterflies or any Single Month Spread Combination

  Uncover Valuable Risk Management Information Regarding Skew/Kurtosis

  Analyze P&L Graphs, Raw Position and Dissected Position Overlaid

  See Option Chain Pricing Model and Baby Butterfly Pricing

  Use Several Pages of Valuable Risk Management Information

  Record all trades from initiation through adjustments and final closing trades or expiration with Trade Tracker.

  “TrackBack” to perform Post Mortems on previous trades.

  Thirty (30) Day Money Back, DOWNLOAD AND START TODAY!

    Sale Price: $549.00 USD.


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When Do You Need Options Trading Training...

NOW, is your chance to get the best in Options Trading Training. No matter where you are in your Options Trading Education, Risk Doctor has an Options Trading Training Program for you and your needs.


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Options Trading, Options Trading Training, by Ri$k Doctor


Options Trading: Hidden Reality is Required Reading for the Serious Options Trader This book is an expanded revision of "Options: Perception and Deception" and "Coulda Woulda Shoulda". "Options Trading: The Hidden Reality" (OTTHR) is printed in color and has 100 more pages than previous versions. "Options Trading: The Hidden Reality" (OTTHR) is printed in color and has 100 more pages than previous versions!

In addition to 3D graphics and Skew Library, OTTHR features Position Dissection (the Market Maker Risk, Management Tool) illustrations on popular wingspread (stretched-out condors, slingshots and skip-strike-flies) and calendarized spread (double diagonals, straddle strangle swaps and double calendars) configurations.

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